Royal Ascot Suit Hire

Black Tie is located just a few miles from Ascot Race Course so is a great choice if you’re looking for an outfit for Royal Ascot. Whether you’ll be in the Grandstand or Royal Enclosure we offer very competitive hire packages on both lounge suits and morning wear. Please call us on 01344 778883 or e-mail us using the button below to arrange an appointment.

We also offer a huge range of suits and top hats buy as either off-the-peg, made-to-measure or fully bespoke garments, such as our exclusive lightweight tail coats, limited edition waistcoats and custom ties. Furthermore, we stock a variety of accessories to hire or buy to complete your Royal Ascot look, including silk, fur and wool top hats.

When you attend Royal Ascot it’s essential you are suitably attired according the the Ascot dress code or you will be refused entry. There are two main areas of the racecourse, which each has its own dress code; The Royal Enclosure which requires full morning dress and a top hat, and the Grandstand which is much more relaxed and only expects you to be smartly dressed in a suit and tie.

Black Herringbone Tailcoat for Royal Ascot Suit Hire
Royal Ascot Royal Enclosure Hire Pricing List
Royal Ascot Grandstand Hire Attire
Grandstand Hire Pricing List
Wool Top Hats in Black And Grey For Royal Ascot

Top Hats To Buy

In addition to our hire wear offering of black and grey wool felt top hats, Black Tie Menswear also offers a wider range of top hats available online and in shop to purchase. This includes our 100% wool felt top hats in black and grey, along with shallow and tall melusine fur felt black top hats.

These top hats are the perfect acquisition for the gentleman who wants a perfectly fitting hat for Royal Ascot to wear year after year.

A selection of antique silk black top hats along with a traditional leather hat box

Antique Silk Top Hats

At Black Tie Menswear not only do we specialise in wool and melusine top hats we also offer a wide selection of antique silk top hats. These top hats are made from a plush silk which has not been manufactured since 1952, therefore these hats cannot be acquired through general sale, and there is only a limited number of high quality silk top hats available worldwide. Due to the unique nature of these items, we do not sell them online, but an appointment can be booked to view our selection of antique hats.

Interested in any of the items seen above? Call Black Tie on 01344 778883 or use the contact form below.

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