Wedding Bride and Groom in Green Donegal Tweed Suit with Liberty of London cotton tie by Black Tie Menswear, Berkshire

At Black Tie we aim to provide a series of ready-to-wear options to buy either as stand alone suits or to complement and complete any hire-wear packages. Whether you’re a groom seeking a high-quality wedding keepsake and a suit to stand out from your groomsmen or an individual looking for a stylish three-piece suit for the office or formal events.

Our ready-to-wear range includes the vast majority of our hire-wear options, including our Donegal Tweed, Heritage Tweed and lounge suits, as well as traditional morning wear. Beyond this, our ready-to-wear range also features a couple of exclusive suits, unavailable to hire, yet are ideal for grooms as they complement our hire-wear options. Prices start at £359 for a two-piece and £450 for a three-piece unless specified otherwise. We also offer a number of suits which are available to buy online through our online shop. Additionally for individuals seeking a unique garment we offer made-to-measure and bespoke garments through our personal tailoring brand Healy & Son.

Wedding Bride and Groom in Green Donegal Tweed Suit with Liberty of London Tie by Black Tie Menswear

Tweed Suits

Tweed suits are a highly popular choice for country weddings, however their versatility goes beyond one formal occasion. Not only can they be worn for other formal events, they can also be combined with casual trousers, such as chinos, to create a more smart-casual look for other social events. Among our ready-to-wear range of tweed suits include some of our most popular hire-wear options, such as our Heritage Tweed, Donegal Tweed and navy herringbone tweed, however we also have a few ready-to-wear exclusive options. Such as our Green Donegal Tweed. Our personal tailoring brand, Healy & Son, also offers an extensive range of unique tweed cloths for made-to-measure and bespoke suits.

Wedding Bride and Groom in Royal Navy Morning Hire Suit and caramel double breasted waistcoat

Morning Suits

At Black Tie all of our hire-wear options are available to buy including the classic tailcoat, which is ideal for traditional English weddings and Royal Ascot events. This is the black herringbone morning coat, grey wool waistcoat and slim-fit light-weight striped trousers. All our purchasable tailcoats can be viewed on our hire-wear page. For tailcoats not included in our hire-wear range please contact our personal tailoring brand Healy & Son for made-to-measure and bespoke options.

Wedding Groom wearing royal french navy lounge suit with waistcoat and floral tie by Black Tie Menswear

Lounge Suits

The lounge suit is a style for all occasions. Whether worn on a wedding day or formal event to business meetings and smart casual get-togethers, the lounge suit is always appropriate. At Black Tie our to buy range includes all of our lounge hire-wear options, as well as several ready-to-wear designs unavailable for hire, including a seasonal range of fashionable and contemporary styles. Among these are several lighter shades of lounge suit that are ideal for destination weddings. For individuals who desire bespoke or made-to-measure garments, there is a wide and varied selection available through our tailoring brand Healy & Son.

Wedding Bride and Groom in Navy Dinner Suit Tuxedo with black bow tie by Black Tie Menswear, Berkshire

Dinner Suits

Ideal for any individual who wants a unique and well-fitting suit for evening wear, black tie or formal events. We at Black Tie offer a wide range of dinner suits as part of our ready to buy range including dinner suits in black, silver and navy. With two-piece dinner suit prices starting at £295 it is the perfect investment for any gentleman.

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