Most Underrated Style Icons

Female celebrities may fill the pages of most best-dressed lists, but that doesn’t mean their male counterparts aren’t making their own fashion marks. This is our list of the six most underrated style icons, these six gentlemen in particular we feel have impeccable style that generally becomes lost in the fickle rush of red carpet fashion and are worthy of special mention.

Conor McGregor


Probably the most well-known chap on our list, and it’s hardly news that he dresses well, but it’s his eye for detail and breaking with the norm that catches our eye. Dublin born and raised, The mixed martial arts sensation knows how to show off both in and out of the ring. McGregor uses his wardrobe to make bold, bright and colorful garb choices with tailored fits and dapper, detailed accessories. His looks pack a visual punch nearly every time he steps out, proving that real men should know how to dress as well as how to fight! If we could make one criticism it’s that he always fastens his bottom waistcoat button – a big formal faux pas!

Dressed Up: McGregor styles the three-piece suit better than almost any athlete we know. It’s a statement outfit that screams dressed to impress, with McGregor’s particular twist resting on bold colours and textures as well as modern takes on traditional cuts. He’s been photographed in everything from sky blue three-piece suits to dandy, impeccably tailored plaid vests, many topped with lively bow ties.

Dressed Down: Blending the casual with the debonair, McGregor often opts for well-fitted v-necks and pastel colored shirts alongside bold-coloured trousers. Many times these are paired with a fedora and oversized sunglasses, accentuating McGregor’s stacked UFC frame.

David Suchet

david suchet

Yes, you read that right. David Suchet just about defines male elegance, nabbing a spot on the style icon list. Obviously famous for bringing Poirot’s wonderful wardrobe to life, the British stage and television actor’s looks take on iconic forms and silhouettes tailored to the max. It’s Suchet who showed us a man can never be overdressed, reinvigorating throwback looks like wool overcoats, feathered top hats and puckered lapels with a modern charm.

Dressed Up: Suchet’s outfits are the pinnacle of male elegance, his styles are a hybrid of 1930s sophistication with 21st-century zip, using lots of plain Donegal tweed, bold stripes and even the occasional paisley print. Bowties are Suchet’s preference, and he wears them better than any celebrity we know.

Dressed Down: Even Suchet’s more relaxed looks are opportunities to dress to-the-nines. You’ll rarely catch Suchet without his Oxfords, piano black and spit-shined. Suchet also routinely sports classic muted button downs topped in tweed or cotton blazers. They’re looks that may initially emulate your grammar school headmaster but do, even today, stand the test of fashion time.

Gary Barlow

Gary-BarlowSinger-songwriter and X-Factor judge Gary Barlow’s style can be summarized in one word: Timeless. The 45-year old is routinely considered one of the best-dressed men on television, though for reasons exclusively his own.

Dressed Up: Flannels and checks are Barlow’s staple. His suit choices are trim-fitted and sleek, traditional lines and cuts in modern silhouettes, with bold, 60s style colours and accessories. Barlow continually stays one step ahead of the game, he was among the first celebrities to steer away from the awful skinny eurotrash lines and into beautiful, wide lapelled garments with bold buttons, cut perfectly in slim, west end style.

Dressed Down: In terms of the everyday, Barlow is the hipster-chic eye candy swooned at in every corner coffee shop. Tight v-necks are paired with breezy flannels, fitted atop modern-cut chinos (cuffed at the ankles) and showing off a pair of white Vans for a look many wear but few can master.

Derren Brown

We’re too used to the stereotype – no matter how well-founded – of the cheesy and poorly conceived wardrobe of a magician… Yet Brown’s ability to stun audiences through magical and mystifying feats of the mind often overshadows Brown’s understated, well groomed and elegant sense of style. I’ve been a huge fan of Brown for years as an amateur magician, however his timeless and romantic taste in style came to my attention when I saw him dressed in full white tie and tails during his performance of the Oracle act, part of his breathtaking ‘Evening of Wonders’. 

Dressed Up: Brown keeps things simple – but very effective. His suit choices are demure classics with clean lines and forms. You’ll often see him sporting dark pinstripes layered under an even darker topcoat or stunning, all-black suits fitting for his mysterious mirage. Lapels, pockets and buttoning are classic and elegant, as are his choices for accessories.

Dressed Down: The understated cuts and lines continue when Brown hits the street. Particularly stylish looks include fitted trench coats and cotton dress shirts, sleeves rolled up. You may even catch a waffle knitted or cashmere scarf rounding off an outfit, as functional as they are fashionable.

Pharrell Williams

pwProducer and musician Pharrell Williams’ street-cool style is in a league of its own. Very few celebrities can pull of the range of colors, shapes and sizes he can, capturing both an experimental quirkiness to fashion as well as an upscale edge.

Dressed Up: Williams takes a casual side to many of his runway looks, pairing suit jackets with shorts or thriftstore-esque ‘grandpa’ sweaters with leather pants and Nikes. The results are as adventurous as they are inspiring. Yet when you do catch him sporting a tuxedo, Williams amps up the style through accessories: Everything from fedora and bowler hats to metallic brogues and oversized diamond stud earrings.

Dressed Down: No Pharrell Williams outfit would be complete without his patent accessory: hats. Most often you’ll see the star sauntering around in a staple fedora, though recently felt driver caps and even the occasional knit beanie made the cut. Williams is never one to shy away from colour and prints, either, with denim, leather and jersey showing up as material favourites. 

That concludes our list of most underrated style icons! Do you agree or disagree? Who would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!