Best Men’s Fashion Blogs To Follow

mens fashion blogs to follow in 2016

permanent style

Permanent Style

This should be every gentleman’s go-to for advise on dressing, with particular potency for anyone looking to commission suits as either made-to-measure or bespoke. The author, Simon Crompton, is arguably the world’s foremost expert on Savile Row and it’s tailors, as has a particularly good eye for detail when it comes to dressing like a true gent. In addition to offering style and fashion tips and recommendations, this site offers a shop that readers can make direct purchases from.

Everyday man

The Everyday Man 

This blog not only offers the latest in fashion dos-and-don’ts and trends, it offers overviews on the latest in popular culture, including music, theater, television, and the cinema. Its travel section gives readers not just general information on a region, but pointers on what to expect from its food, wine, and nightlife, as well.



The Chic Geek

This blog has some fun with the notion that most men are hopeless when it comes to the concept of good grooming, and need all the help that they can get. In addition to basic tutorials on “mix and match” and the like, this site offers one on one advice help, and ongoing competitions, in which winners are awarded various grooming products.

the gentleman blogger

The Gentleman Blogger

If readers are fans of the style taste of blogger Mathew Zorpas, then this is the blog for them. They’ll follow Mr. Zorpas on jaunts to scenic locations around the world, as he shares his insights on food, fashion, and fun along the way.


Last Style Of Defense

This well-regarded blog covers fashion industry trends in London and Los Angeles, and in addition to offering coverage on designers and models, showcases the latest in men’s grooming and fashion products. It also features special sales events offered by area retailers.

grey fox

The Grey Fox

This blog is geared towards well-off male readers age forty and over, with a motto of “A mature approach to fashion”. Its blogger claims to have a large reader following of all ages and both genders. While its main focus is on clothing and fashion, it also features lifestyle and travel articles.

steve booker

Steve Booker

Mr. Booker is a self-proclaimed lover of fashion, style, food, wine, coffee, culture, and technology. His blog features videos experiencing all of this in various locales around the world. While this site offers online shopping, its store is currently not available.

jordan bunker

Jordan Bunker

Younger readers on a budget many enjoy the blogging adventures of Mr. Bunker, a student, writer, and fashion designer. Mr. Bunker offers fashion and lifestyle tips, and less far- flung travel information on what to see and do in the London area and surrounding cities.


Street Gentry

Three blogs in one! Or rather, three different bloggers, offering slightly different perspectives on fashion, music, culture, and art for the “modern gentleman”.



This blog serves primarily as advertisements for select brands. But it does offer well-made videos, and may be of appeal to viewers looking for the next big fashion trend offered by manufacturers. The bloggers also works as fashion consultants and videographers.

Michael 84


Another blog geared to young professionals, this one covers such topics as the right way to tie-dye T-shirts, and what to wear to summer weddings. Reviews and coverage of events at local clubs and bars is also featured here.



Another blog catering to the fashionable younger crowd, this site highlights cars and the latest technological toys in addition to fashion and grooming tips.

Boy From Dagbon 

This site was originally a tumblr photography project, but has expanded to showcase creative fashion choices, and more general style and grooming types. The blog is probably of most interest to under age forty viewers.



This blog bills itself as one for stylish viewers on a budget. Though it claims to emphasize style over fickle fashion, you can certainly find the latest trends and brand showcased here as well. The site’s greatest claim to fame may be its “Ask A Woman” relationship advice section.

effortless gent

Effortless Gent

While this blog’s claims that it can help you find a mate and a great new job should be taken with a grain of salt, it does offer tips to the fashion impaired. E-guides and information on fashion classes can also be found here.

i am alpha m

I Am AlphaM

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, reality show star, and self-proclaimed fashion guru “AlphaM.” hawks various products here, largely clothing. Some free materials are offered as well, mainly in the form of E-books.



This blog covers style, fashion, hair, and grooming, as well as a tutorial for those interested in getting started in the men’s fashion industry. In addition to promoting specific products, discount codes can be found here as well.

masculine style

Masculine Style

Blogger Tanner Guzy explains how personal improvements can be made through the use of style, and offers free E-books. Viewers are advised however, that the objective of this blog is to sell Mr. Guzy’s series of self-help fashion guides.

he spoke style

He Spoke Style

This American blog offers video suggestions on fashion, accessories, grooming, and travel. It also offers a direct link to shopping for products offered by shipping giant Amazon.

george hahn

George Hahn

This blog is best suited to viewers age fifty and older. Mr. Hahn reflects on fashion, style, classic movies, and the joys of growing older, among other topics covered here.

street etiquette

Street Etiquette

This “lifestyle website” is the creation of two African American entrepreneurs, and it has been featured in multiple fashion magazines. It promotes fashion and style from a “urban and cultural perspective”.

style girlfriend

Style Girlfriend

This blog was born as a nationally syndicated newspaper column. Today it offers men online fashion advice from a woman’s perspective.

modern gentleman logo

The Modern Gentleman Style Etiquette

This site offers etiquette tips for situations such as dating and dinner parties. It also offers reviews for a number of British-made luxury accessories.


Off The Cuff 

This blog claims that it’s objective is to “merge modern lifestyles with timeless fashions”. It promotes products from a number of well-known British and American designers.

ashley weston

Ashley Weston

“Celebrity menswear stylist” Weston offers advice on men’s fashion and accessories, in addition to offering a free E-guide. She of course, promotes her own brand as well.

mens fashion magazine

Men’s Fashion Magazine

This blog offers tips for all ages on grooming and fashion. Other features offer lifestyle choices and product suggestions.

the modest man

The Modest Man 

Modest as in height, that is. This site gives advice on everything from products to alterations for shorter men.

well spent

Well Spent 

This blog serves as an information site on inexpensive but well-made items ranging from slippers to suits. The site also offers information on product designers.

the gentlemans standard

The Gentleman’s Standard

This site offers “sophisticated advice for distinguished gentlemen of color”. Advice ranges from wearing neckties to choosing shoelaces to doing laundry to starting community outreach programs.