Bespoke Shirts

As well as our comprehensive services on made-to-measure and bespoke suits, Black Tie also offers a comprehensive tailoring service on shirts, the most advanced of its kind anywhere in the UK! Made from 100% Egyptian cotton and built to your own specifications, our system can accommodate very advanced pattern adjustments which means we can offer a better fit than any made-to-measure shirt system anywhere.

With our bespoke shirts starting at just £125, it no longer makes sense to overspend on high quality ready-to-wear shirts on the high street only to then need them altering for a more accurate fit, as you can now have them custom made and cut to your body for a similar price - especially when you consider that we offer discounts for multiples and when ordered with made-to-measure or bespoke garments, or with parties of hire outfits!

As with our bespoke suits, our shirts are cut to a unique pattern made for each individual customer, which takes into account the exact nuances of each person's body. There are a wide range of collars, cuffs and overall style details to choose from, each of which can be customised and altered to your exact specifications.​ We can also clone shirts from your own existing items if you have had tailored shirts made before, or if you happen to own shirts which you are particularly fond of - simply choose cloths and style options and we will take the necessary measurements from your shirt and use them to create a new pattern.

We constantly hear from our customers just how much difference a well-fitted shirt can make to an outfit, and it is a perfect stepping-stone into the world of bespoke - we guarantee that you won't go back after trying it!​

Black Tie Menswear will also soon be releasing a range of semi-formal shirts available for immediate purchase from our Bespoke Lounge which will also be available to buy through our online shop priced at £85.

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