We offer a wide variety of Liberty Ties which are the perfect neckwear set-piece to any suit. All our ties are available to buy both in store and online.

At Black Tie we provide a wide range of add-on accessories to complete any formal wear look whether you're looking for a paisley tie, pocket watch or brogue shoes.

To accompany our hire-wear range we offer a wide variety of premium hire accessories including scooped and double-breasted waistcoats, knitted ties, and more.

Black Tie have a limited number of antique silk top hats available to buy in a wide variety of sizes. Our silk top hats are well preserved and the ideal choice for any Royal Ascot goer or private collector.

Looking for a specific shade for your ties and handkerchiefs? Well, look no further. As we are able to match up your swatch to one of the hundreds of fabrics we have available to produce your own custom neckwear.

Through our bespoke brand Healy & Son we offer a premium selection of high-end Barker Shoes which are the perfect footwear option to complete any formal wear outfit.