Black Tie is located just a few miles from Ascot Race Course so is a great choice if you’re looking for an outfit for Royal Ascot. Whether you’ll be in the Grandstand or Royal Enclosure we offer very competitive hire packages on both lounge suits and morning wear. Please call us on 01344 778883 or e-mail us using the button below to arrange an appointment.

We also offer a huge range of suits and top hats buy as either off-the-peg, made-to-measure or fully bespoke garments, such as our exclusive lightweight tail coats, limited edition waistcoats and custom ties. Furthermore, we stock a variety of accessories to hire or buy to complete your Royal Ascot look, including silk, fur and wool top hats.

When you attend Royal Ascot it’s essential you are suitably attired according the the Ascot dress code or you will be refused entry.

There are two main areas of the racecourse, which each has its own dress code; The Royal Enclosure which requires full morning dress and a top hat, and the Grandstand which is much more relaxed and only expects you to be smartly dressed in a suit and tie. We have elaborated a little on each area’s dress code in our blog post and included a few of our own tips and tricks to help you dress to impress at Royal Ascot.

The Royal Ascot Dress Code For Men

The Royal Enclosure

  • A morning coat in black or grey
  • Matching or striped morning trousers
  • A waistcoat and tie (cravats are not permitted)
  • A top hat in black or grey
  • Smart black formal shoes

The Grandstand

silver-5btn-magentapaisley lounge suit

  • A suit (lounge suit or morning coat)
  • Shirt & tie
  • Smart shoes​

See our luxury range of lightweight Ready-to-Wear morning attire featured in the following videos by Longines Watches who are a long-standing customer of Black Tie and the principle sponsors of Royal Ascot. The video features famous style influencer Mariano DiVaio being dressed in our beautiful tailoring lounge by Personal Tailoring Manager Graeme Healy. All garments can be seen on our Shop Page  or can be ordered in person through our Personal Tailoring site Healy & Son.

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